• «Maidan is not just the address but a state of mind ...»

  • «...We should teach people to identify the forerunners of dangerous disease, stimulate everyone to undergo the examination and motivate the person to share this knowledge with their loved ones....»

  • «Castle-Museum Radomysl was created for everyone who wishes to revive and “revitalize” its own soul.»

Tonight I, Olga Bohomolets, refused an offer to hold a post of the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine for Humanitarian Affairs in the new government. I inform everyone that I will continue working for the people on Ukrainian Maidans to support the unity of our country as much as possible.

Olga Bogomolets entered the People’s Confidence Group – an association of public activists which were at Maidan from the very beginning. Together they demanded to arrest Zakharchenko, make a medicopsychological examination of V. Yanukovych, sack him, and to form transition government from the non-party specialists.