On the territory of my Motherland is an undeclared war. Dozens of Ukrainians die every day under the fire. There are already thousands of dead, thousands missing, thousands wounded. Many of them are civilians. Ukrainians have become victims and hostages of struggle of geopolitical interests of the great powers (big countries). The world is put on the brink. The conflict can turn into a third world war at any moment, and there will be no winners. Modern weapons have such a destructive force that there will be no survivors. Not only will our country be destroyed, but the human race.

Different people have different political views; feel a sympathy or antipathy to a particular problem. I ask you to reject all those feelings and see yourselves as representatives of one reasonable (intelligent) biological species, whose disappearance none of us can desire. Many prominent scientists and authorities in the field of military strategy have repeatedly alarmed the world. Events in Ukraine will inevitably bring us closer to a tragic outcome. People living in other - peaceful - countries can hardly imagine that they have endangered themselves, their children and grandchildren. They cannot bring themselves to realize that they face imminent disaster and painful death. Unlike the citizens of long-suffering Ukraine, in the cities of which the mourning for the dead is announced every day and the sons are buried.

Invisible "Hitlers and Stalins" in order to satisfy their own interests seek to drown the world in blood. They meanly throw mercenaries and hellish deadly weapon on a fratricidal war, hiding behind slogans of Great Novorossia. If they win in our country, they will not stop at nothing and will try to conquer the world. History knows quite enough of such examples where delusional fanatics’ ambitions have led to a tragic end and the millions of victims. Permissiveness for the actions of terrorists in our country allows them to raise their heads in Europe, spreading fear and terror in all large areas of the globe.

I remind and warn you that nuclear weapons would be used in a future world war. It should be understood both in the East and in the West of the planet Earth. Remember that we are all humans and belong to the human race. Forget everything else. The choice has to be made now. War or peace. Death or happiness, reason and progress.

All governments must publicly declare that disputes within and between states cannot be resolved by unleashing a war. Disagreements cannot be solved by military means. The peoples of your countries have entrusted you their fate, appointed you to rule the world, not making war. You have to find peaceful means to resolve all conflicts. By stopping the war in Ukraine, you will save lives, not only ours. You will save the world from imminent destruction.  

I urge the famous doctors, scientists and culture figures to join my appeal. Your voice can save Ukraine and the World!

Honored Doctor of Ukraine

Former candidate for the President of Ukraine

Peoples' Deputy of Ukraine

Public figure, mother of four children


Olga Bogomolets